Our Mission:

To elevate diverse community voices and unite in defense of women’s rights, democracy, and the environment.


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2020 does not yet have an event.

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Past Events



Speakers: Jennifer Allen; Hilary Hutcheson; Kedryn McElderry; Helen Weems, NP and Susan Cahill, PA; Hilary Shaw; Connie Behe; Kwen Shirley; Mona Charles

Host: Cherilyn DeVries; EmCee: Mariah Gladstone



Speakers: Tara Walker Lyons; Santana Caballero, Attorney; Debo Powers; Jesse Rusche; Bree Sutherland; Maggie Doherty; Reverend Dawn Skerrit; Reverend Miriam Mauritzen

Music: Jamie Wyman and Mellow Waters

Hosts: Kedryn McElderry and Kwen Shirley